Getting Rid of Stains

Stains on cloth diapers can be caused by different foods (think blueberries), illnesses and/or medications. The good news is that stains do not affect the utility of your cloth diapers (and are therefore not covered by warranty) so if they don't bother you, no action needs to be taken and they will often fade a bit over time and subsequent washes.

To remove stains (if desired), we suggest laying them out wet in the sun to dry (after washing) for several hours at a time (several times for tough stains). Direct sunlight is actually a very powerful, natural, safe and free way to 'bleach' your diapers and remove stains. If you have a stubborn stain, cut a lemon and squeeze some lemon juice directly on the damp diaper stain before laying it out in the sun. **Remember to re-wash your diapers after using lemon juice before using them again on baby.

To sun your diapers, simply lay them out in the direct sunlight coming in from a window or hang them out to line dry or on a drying rack on a sunny patio.

You can also add Oxiclean or any other oxygen bleach to your wash on a semi-regular basis if you want to be proactive.

Chlorine bleach may be used on synthetic fabrics only and even then it should be a last resort (it will void warranty on some brands). The steps above are very effective at dealing with most stains. If you want to avoid staining at all in the first place, consider disposable or fleece liners.

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