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GroVia BioSoakers - Design Change

For all you moms and dads who LOVE GroVia's BioSoakers, this post is for you!  BioSoakers are now even better. 

This small design change will make a big difference in functionality. They will now come with one adhesive sticky pad in the middle instead of two on each end, making them easier to use and more adjustable!

PLUS, drumroll please, here's the best part.  The adhesive now won't leave a residue on your shells.  

As always you can use them without peeling off the adhesive backing and simply laying them in the shell, but if you want to use the sticky tab, no worries about it leaving residue on your shell anymore :)  

And for those of you new to BioSoakers, what's the fuss about?  They are a fantastic option when travelling if you don't have access to washing machines, or if you're not sure what you'll have access to on the go. 
 Use when on vacation, at day care, or running errands.  Compost or dispose the pad and re-use the GroVia® Shell.

Made for use with the GroVia Hybrid Shell System. Remove soiled soaker pad and replace with a fresh one as needed. Launder the shell as required (easy to hand wash and quick to hang dry if you need to while travelling).

    • Made with Biodegradable & Compostable Materials*
    • Fragrance & Dye Free
    • Plastic & Chlorine Free
    • Ultra thin construction
    • Oeko-Tex 100 Certified
    • G.E. Free
    • Exceptional comfort and fit

* The elastic in the manufacturing of this diaper has not been tested for biodegradability & compostability.

Super Soft Lining
Certified natural, 100% Ingeo spun bound non-woven fabric. Compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA).

Sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, containing a minimal amount of SAP gel.

Waterproof Outer
The Bio-Film used (fecula) is waterproof and 100% natural. Compostable to the following standard: EN 13432 (EU).

Made with Ingeo™ Fibers, a renewable fiber, free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

So, with all those wonderful qualities out in the open, it's time for you to get your hands on some!  While quantities last, all current style BioSoakers (with the two adhesive tabs) are 15% off with coupon code: TRAVELDRY

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#Whirl'dPeace is #MintToBe - New Releases from #AppleCheeks Available Now

#Whirl'dPeace is #MintToBe - New Releases from #AppleCheeks Available Now

The Seventh Print and a Solid in the AppleCheeks Year of the Prints as been revealed!  Welcome to the lineup Mint To Be and Whirl'd Peace.  I scream, you scream, we all wanted icecream and we got it baby.  All of the AppleCheeks are original artwork that is not copied or duplicated from any other source and this print is tres originales.  Gender neutral and full of style, it's cold and bold wherever it goes.  

We also have Mint to Be!  And yes, if you think your eyes are playing tricks, it IS the same color as #Enchantmint.  There is a very VERY limited quantity of these available.  

So, to recap, Whirl'd Peace and Mint to Be are both limited editions, however, there are significantly more Whirl'd Peace available at retailers.  Do we have them both here at Cloth Diaper Kids??? YES WE DO!  

Both of these new releases are available at our store in size 1, 2 and One Size covers as well as minizips and size 1 & 2 storage sacs.  Whirl'd Peace is also available in new style potty learning pants and swim diapers.

AND, just to make sure the world knows, the Mint To Be MiniZip and Storage Sacs have a colored zipper!  That's right, the zipper on these is purple!  And it's a fancy purple.  It's neither Lavender Fields nor Serendipity, not Caturday purple, it's in-between and it's fabulous.  

BUT the ICING ON THE CAKE is that not only are these released and available to purchase right now, but we are also having an #AppleCheeksSALE this week!  That's right, all AppleCheeks are on sale (excluding the new releases of course).  Stock up while you can, we've got tons of inserts, and all other goodies on sale and waiting for you.  Sale is on now and ends Oct. 19.  



WARNING: Cloth Diapers are Addictive

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You sat newly pregnant in my Cloth Diapering 101 class.

You laughed at me when I told you not to try a Blueberry Simplex diaper unless you were prepared to love them so much that you’d want 40 when you only needed 20. You ignored me when I told you that once you had one Thirsties print you’d want one of each to complete the set. And you scoffed at me when I told you that some Applecheeks diapers are worth hundreds of dollars on the used market.

“Phft that’s ridiculous” you snickered to your friend as you left my seminar. “I’m only buying that 12 pack starter package they have on sale. I want to cloth diaper because I’m frugal after all” you promised. And you didn’t give my comments another thought.

Well now it’s 2 years later. You’ve successfully cloth diapered a baby who turned into a toddler. You started out with just that 12 pack starter package and it was perfectly fine. But curiosity got the better of you and you preferred not to do laundry every day anyway, so it didn’t hurt to get a couple more diapers in different styles just for the sake of variety.

“Woo hoo” you thought. “These cloth diapers are pretty awesome”. Your baby never had poopy blow-outs and that fluffy bum looked so gosh-darn cute. Plus look at all the money you saved. That justified buying a couple more diapers to complete that storybook set of prints you really liked. After all, if you had the Humpty Dumpty diaper didn’t you need Incy Wincy Spider too? These are classic childhood rhymes after all.

Your husband turned a blind eye to your hoarding.

You found yourself pregnant with baby #2 wondering what it would be like to cloth diaper a newborn. So you started collecting a newborn diaper stash as soon as the stick tuned positive. Meanwhile your toddler became a heavy wetter and started sleeping through the night. A perfect opportunity to try those super absorbent fitted diapers that are great for nighttime. Maybe you even tried a wool cover.

Your friends rolled their eyes that your obsession was no longer a money saving venture. 

“It didn’t matter” you thought. “It wasn’t all about they money” you said. “It’s healthier for baby too”.

And now you sit, reading this, wondering how you got in so deep, trying really hard not to click the ‘BUY’ button next to that super cute Superman diaper with the detachable cape on the bum. “Tomorrow I’m going to sell off some of my diapers at that community swap meet” you think to yourself. “And then I’m going to yell at that woman who owns the diaper store for getting me hooked on these soft and fluffy diapers”.

“But I warned you”, I’ll say as you buy the new elephant print. I really, really did.

You’ll wink at me and chuckle, “At least I’m still saving the environment right?”

That you are Mama, that you are.

Ammonia and Cloth Diapers – What It Is And What To Do About It

Ammonia and Cloth Diapers – What It Is And What To Do About It

Do you have ammonia buildup in your cloth diapers?  Ammonia smell and cloth diapers can sometimes seem almost synonymous.  Seems like everyone these days is complaining about it, having a rash from it or dealing with smells from it.  What is this epidemic and how do we fix it?

We’re glad you asked!  There’s a number of things you can do to get rid of ammonia in your cloth diapers and keep it gone for good.

But first, let’s clear something up.  Do you really have ammonia in the first place?  Sometimes ‘ammonia’ is a blanket term people mistakenly use to label any smell or rash when it comes to cloth diapers when in reality ammonia is really a very specific thing.  Ammonia is different from smelly toddler pee, different from strong concentrated urine smell (in nighttime diapers for example) and different from a 'barnyard' type aroma.  Ammonia is a super strong, knock your socks off, your eyes will literally be watering, burning in your nose kind of smell like nothing else.  It is an unbearably strong smell and if present in your diapers can cause a very bad rash on babies very quickly on every bit of skin touching the wet diaper.  Ammonia is most often present in nap or overnight diapers that are on the bum for long periods of time.

Okay, with that said.  Do you have real ammonia?  If so, read on.  If you don't think it's ammonia after all, but it's still some kind of smell, read this instead.

What’s happening anyway?  Where does the ammonia come from?
Great question.  Time for a chemistry lesson.  Ammonia comes from the break down of urine.  So, some ammonia will always happen when you’re leaving wet diapers in a wet bag between washes.  That’s not a problem in small concentrations.  But a few things speed up the breakdown of urine to ammonia (like heat, a closed diaper pail and bacteria).  What ultimately happens though, is that the soiled diapers are not being completely cleaned in the wash and that biological residue (I mean pee and poo) that didn’t get fully washed and rinsed away reacts with minerals in the water and with new urine and feces when they go back on the bum creating the recipe for those nasty rashes.  Eeew right?

So, logically, what do we need to do?  Get the diapers clean at wash time!  How do we do this?  First, we need to deal with the ammonia ASAP.  We do this by 'stripping'.  Directions for this are here.  Essentially, it's a deep clean to re-set your diapers.  Next, and most importantly, you need to change your wash routine to ensure your diapers get fully and properly cleaned at each and every wash to prevent it from coming back.  This means making sure you are using enough good detergent and enough water for the size of your diaper load.  We can always help you with troubleshooting here, but generally this means switching to a better detergent and/or often using more detergent and making sure you're using a hot heavy duty wash cycle with a good rinse. 

Next, some things that will help keep ammonia at bay once you get rid of your acute case:
1) Keep your wet bag away from direct sunlight and heat.  Heat hastens the decomposition of urine to ammonia.
2) Wash your diapers every 1-2 days.
3) Have an open diaper pail or keep your wet bag unzipped and open to the air.  Wet diapers that dry out won’t smell as much as they wait for wash time.  Soiled diapers that are very wet and closed-in stew in the humidity and breed bacteria which makes ammonia worse.  This situation is also hard on fabrics and your diapers will break down sooner.
3) Rinse diapers before putting them in the wet bag between washes.  This can help a lot by diluting and removing some urine prior to washing.  Less urine = less ammonia potential.  Even if you only rinse nap and night ones you’ll notice a difference.  I usually rinse these diapers out quickly in the bathtub.  A diaper sprayer can also be useful for this.
4) When you wash your diapers use a cold initial rinse before your hot wash with detergent.  Heat encourages ammonia, so cold on that first rinse is better if you have the option on your washer.  If you don't have this option, don't worry about this one.  It's not a deal breaker.
6) Keep baby hydrated.  The more diluted the urine, the less ammonia can be created in the first place.

Keep these things in mind and ammonia problems will be a distant memory.

My Cloth Diapers Smell, How Do I Fix Them?

My Cloth Diapers Smell, How Do I Fix Them?

When it comes to stinky cloth diapers, there are different smells and different ways to deal with them.  But one thing that holds true in all situations is that your diapers are smelling because they aren’t getting clean enough in the wash.  Really, your cloth diapers shouldn't be smelly.  Here’s how to fix them and how to tweak your wash routine so it doesn’t come back.

Diapers smell like a ‘barnyard’
If you have a smell that’s kinda like a barnyard (sorta poopy and gross) it generally means you need more detergent.  You are either using a detergent that isn’t strong enough to deal with dirty diapers or not enough of it.  Use the proper amount of detergent as recommended on the package for the size of the load you are doing (regardless of whether you’re using a mainstream commercially available brand or a cloth diaper specific brand).  Bigger loads need more detergent and more water.  Smaller loads need less detergent and less water so that the water to detergent ratio is correct for proper cleaning.  Diluted detergent or incomplete rinsing = poop residue left on your diapers = barnyard smell.

Note: changing to a different detergent (Tide is great) or adding a water softener like Calgon (1/4 cup in with the detergent) to your wash can also help if you have harder water.  Remember, detergent that works well for one person won’t necessarily work well for you.  Water quality, type of washing machine, diaper fabrics and style (prefolds vs. pockets vs. all in ones) can all play a large part in finding a wash routine and detergent that work to achieve proper cleaning in your home.

Diapers smell strongly of ammonia
If you have ammonia issues, a strong smell that burns your nose, see our post on how to deal with it here.

Still have questions?  Contact us or get in touch with the manufacturer of your diapers for more troubleshooting advice.

Booberry - Blueberry Diapers + Halloween = An Awesome Print Coming Our Way

Booberry - Blueberry Diapers + Halloween = An Awesome Print Coming Our Way
Booberry from Blueberry Diapers is the Halloween cloth diaper print coming to Cloth Diaper Kids in a few short days.  This print was so popular when they first ran it that they are bringing it back again this year.  Just what your little one needs to complete their costume don't you think?  

Our order of Booberry will be shipping shortly and it won't be long before we have it in our hands and ready to ship.  Make sure you join our Facebook page and Newsletter list to make sure you get notified when it's available and live for ordering on our website.  We only have a few coming and we want YOU to get your hands on one.  Booberry will be eligible to ship to Canada or USA.  We should have more Ice Cap, Tea Time and Donuts stocking at the same time in the same shipment as well. 

**UPDATE: Booberry is here and in stock now!
Also in stock now are Unicorns, Space, Trains, Pink Butterfly, Whales, Ice Cap and Tea Time

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Thirsties #CountryHarvestTrio Release - Available Today

Thirsties #CountryHarvestTrio Release - Available Today
It's Thirsties and it's fabulous!  The new #CountryHarvestTrio is on sale today.  Here's what Thirsties had to say about the new release:

'With cooler evenings and harvest festivals all around, it’s easy to see Autumn is upon us. There’s something about this season that takes us back to a simpler time and inspires our appreciation for the understated elegance of nature and the purity of home. Even if you’re a city dweller, you can take part in the much-revered simple life with Thirsties’ Country Harvest Trio featuring our new solid, #Daffodil, a rich, golden yellow with matching binding and snaps, and two country-inspired prints, #FarmLife and #SunBlossom. The Country Harvest Trio is sure to take you back to your roots…or the roots you wish you had!'

We have these beauties in stock and ready to ship for you today.  Are these limited editions? Yes.  The two prints Farm Life and Sun Blossom are limited editions and they will not re-stock when we sell out.  Daffodil on the other hand, Thirsties is going to wait and see.  I suspect it will be added to the regular color lineup, but no official word yet.  So, don't chance it.  If you love it, get it while you can.  If you're getting Sun Blossom, you've got to get the Daffodil.  I'm telling you, in person, they're adorable and you'll want the matching set. 

These are available in Duo Wraps (great with prefolds or over fitteds for night), Natural One Size and Newborn All In Ones and Wet Bags (Farm Life and Sun Blossom only in the wet bags as it wasn't made in Daffodil).

|Buy Daffodil, Farm Life and Sun Blossom HERE|

Tell us what you think of them in the comments!

Smart Bottoms - #AutumnAir Print Release

Smart Bottoms - #AutumnAir Print Release

Wow, this week is SO FULL of new releases from some amazing brands and today is no exception!  Welcome Smart Bottoms Fans to the newest collaborative retailer exclusive. Say hello to #Autumn Air.  It's gorgeous, fall-inspired and look at those sweet little hedgehogs. Similar to Odette and Narly, this print is the brainchild of a few retailers working together.  

We have LOTS ready for you, but keep in mind they are exclusive and when they are gone, they are gone.

Tell us what you love about the newest print in the comments below and in return, save 10% off your Smart Bottoms order until Sept. 30 with coupon code: SMART-AUTUMN
Code is valid on any Smart Bottoms items including 3.1 diapers, Dream Diaper 2.0 diapers, wet bags, beach blankets, kits and more! 

GroVia & Sloomb: Sugar Rush, Fennec and Jewel New Releases

GroVia & Sloomb: Sugar Rush, Fennec and Jewel New Releases
We couldn't be more excited to announce that GroVia has partnered with Sloomb!  Sloomb offers natural diapering products and superb quality merino wool knits for kids.  Erin has been designing unique and beautiful colorways in her Sloomb wool line for years and now they're paired up with GroVia to offer three of their stunning stripes as GroVia diaper prints. Wow is just about all we can say.  This is quite the dynamic duo.  These are not exclusive prints, they will re-stock, but they won't be around forever.  

The new prints Sugar Rush, Fennec and Jewel are available for purchase now here in Canada at Cloth Diaper Kids in newborn AIO, Hybrid Covers, Wet Bags and O.N.E All In Ones.  

Get yours here

Tell us what you think of the new prints in the comments ❤️

Can I Use A Diaper Cover As A Swim Diaper?

Can I Use A Diaper Cover As A Swim Diaper?

NO!  Don't do it!  Diaper covers are laminated to be water resistant which means they work great at keeping wetness in when used over a fitted or prefold cloth diaper.  If you use this same material in the swimming pool, any water that gets into the diaper will be squished out through the leg holes.  So, imagine if baby poops!  Unless it's specially designed with snug fitting elastics, you end up with poop coming out at the legs.  Yuck.  This is exactly what the pool doesn't want.  

So what's the difference with a cloth swim diaper?  It looks just the same as a cloth diaper cover.  Well, yes, it might look similar, but the difference is that there is no lamination on it. It's the same knitted polyester fabric on the outside, but most are not laminated with PUL or TPU. It's instead lined usually with mesh.  That means it lets some water through and acts more like a strainer to let water through and keep solids in without forcing poop out near the leg elastics.  That makes a huge difference in functionality. 

Swim diapers are not expensive and are well worth getting.  They are specifically designed for the job at hand and usually also sport special elastic that won't be weakened by the chlorine in the pool.  The only time you can use a diaper cover as a swim diaper is if it's delaminated and you peel the lamination off first. Plus take extra care to make sure you have snug fitting elastics at the waist and legs with no gaps.  Otherwise, just get a swim diaper.

Don't be that baby that shuts down the pool from a poo'splosion 😉.  Get a swim diaper here.  And while you're at it, take 10% off any swim diaper coupon code: SWIMBLOG

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