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Here at Cloth Diaper Kids I am very picky about the brands we carry.  Why? Because as a retailer, it's my job to curate and bring together only the best of what's available out there and offer them all to you in once place. Do we carry the cheapest things out there? No.  I care about how things are manufactured, how the workers are treated in the factories, whether patents are being respected, whether artwork is original or properly licensed and whether fair wages are paid. Quality is reflected in the brands we choose to represent so here is the best of the best we have chosen for you.

 AMP Canadian cloth diapers
Allens Naturally Detergent
BumGenius Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick

 Cotton Babies

Cubika Delish Naturals Esembly


Flip Friendsheep GroVia
Haakaa Healing Amber Kanga Care Kawaii Baby

Lighthouse Kids Company

Lil Helper Lulujo Nest Plant Based Diapers
Thirsties TotsBots Zoocchini Kinder cloth diaper company







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