How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need?

How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need?

If you're starting to do some research into cloth diapers and wondering how many you need, you've found the right article.  

We'll tell you exactly how many you need to diaper your baby successfully without a ton of laundry and without ever running out of clean diapers in your stash.  Now, keep in mind these numbers are for full time cloth diapering so adjust your numbers accordingly if you plan to cloth diaper only part let's begin:

Newborns go through 10-12 diaper changes per day and older babies and toddlers (aprox. 6+ months) use 6-8 diapers per day.

Most parents are most comfortable with washing every second day, but you can get by with fewer diapers and wash every day if you like or add more to your diaper stash and wash every 3 days.  You don’t want to go longer than 3 days between washes.  Why?  Because stains will set, diaper fabrics will break down faster and smell may become an issue.  So keep it to a 2 or 3 day wash cycle and you won't have any problems. 

So, in short, if you want to wash every second day, you’ll need 20-24 diapers from newborn – 6 months and then 12-16 diapers for babies 6+ months until potty training.

In addition to the suggestion above, it’s handy to have 2-3 fitted diapers with covers in your stash for naps or overnight.  This is especially useful for older babies and toddlers aged 6+ months.  Learn more about successful nighttime diapering here.

There you have it.  

How many cloth diapers do you have in your stash?  Tell us in the comments below ;)

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  • Heidi - June 27, 2017

    I have all Rumparooz brand and love them. 26 pockets with inserts that I use during the day. At night I use their Ecoposh with their covers and get no leaks. This is for one 1 yo, but when she was an infant, we used Lil Joeys and that made starting cloth diapering so easy.

  • Jennifer - June 27, 2017

    We have 67 and roate often but there’s about 10 that we tend to not use just cause we prefer some
    Other brands ! Buy all
    The diapers ?

  • Mary Hunger - June 27, 2017

    We currently have over 160 cloth diapers for our little guy, and we use EVERY one of them. Last baby, hes 17 months.

  • Corrina Lawton - June 27, 2017

    I had just over 80 at one point, but managed to have a good system for my son with about 50.

  • Kathryn Martin - June 27, 2017

    I have currently 32 diapers that fit my baby. She is in Size 2 in AppleCheeks diapers. This number is not counting the size 1 stash that I have. I wash every third day.

  • Emma-Leigh Higginbotham - June 27, 2017

    We just made the complete switch over to size 2 (we used to only use them at night).

    I have 37 size 1s and 48 size 2s. I was told I had to sell some and I’m not supposed to buy anymore. ???

  • Kari Vetter - June 27, 2017

    I have 52 size 1 and OS AppleCheeks for my baby due in a few weeks! I’m short about 12 inserts, so they’re not all functional (yet!), but I’m planning on fixing that little problem soon! Lol! I have around 40 or so size 2 diapers, too! I like to have wiggle room to stretch wash day by a few days if I need to.

  • Laura Veneman - June 27, 2017

    We started with the recommended 24 and found that was sufficient for getting us through 2 days so washing needed to be done every other day. Now I’m probably up to 27 diapers but only because I see new prints I love! We use Rumparooz which are not sized so thankfully we don’t have to add the complexity of sizes! Next go around I will invest in 10 of the lil joey which are specifically made for newborns!

  • Martha Mann - June 27, 2017

    We have 36 diapers. I wash every other day but have to air dry because we don’t have a dryer. For us this amount is perfect we could probably have a few less and be OK. I wouldn’t go below 30 though.

  • Merissa - June 27, 2017

    I have 90, 79 of which are smart bottoms for one baby …. recently started building a born smart stach for our new addition on the way …. i have 17 of those now !!!

  • Ashley - June 27, 2017

    Our current count is up to 77 I think.
    And baby girl is expected at the end of August. We don’t have much in the way of clothing but she will have plenty of diapers to wear!

  • Bliss - June 26, 2017

    I had upwards of 85 when I was preparing for baby! But honestly, I ended up having favourites that I used religiously. Now I use around 25 that I keep in rotation now that I’m out of the newborn ones! Rumparooz are my staples, and my Charlie bananas were my favourite newborn!

  • Jessica B. - June 26, 2017

    I have to be close to 100! I haven’t counted in awhile. It’s a mix of Size 1, OS & 2’s in Applecheeks and about 10 Grovia ONEs for overnights
    This is for 2 children under 2!

  • Beth - June 26, 2017

    I honestly have no idea how many I have, but I would guess in the neighbourhood of about 50 in rotation for two in diapers. We wash every 2-2.5 days and it works great!

  • Lindsey - June 26, 2017

    Enough diapers for about 50 NB changes, and 90 OS changes. Not all are in rotation as some fit better than others as my sons grows. I started with 24 NB and 36 OS, but expanded as his shape changed, we had another baby and the addiction became real. :)

  • Katie Aquino - June 26, 2017

    So yeah, we have I think 57 now…wait yeah I just got 4 more today …57 ish. I will have to count lol And thats for 1 baby?

  • Magaly - June 26, 2017

    Im around 70ish some news
    Just one girl and she its almost potty Training and im still buying more its not about how Many you need its about how Many you want lol

  • Sarah Sarver - June 26, 2017

    33 in rotation
    12 in the car for just in case moments
    Another easy 15 in the closet waiting for better fit
    Ball park 60 :)

  • Kim - June 26, 2017

    We sat at about 83 Diapers. Now Im down to just about 30 :)

  • Amanda Blizzard - June 26, 2017

    Haven’t counted in awhile lol I float between 100ish to 120ish applecheeks for 1 child

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