What To Do With Dirty Diapers Between Washings

What To Do With Dirty Diapers Between Washings

Alright, you successfully changed a cloth diaper.  Maybe it was even a poopy one.  Great job.  But now what.  You're holding a soiled diaper...what do you do?

Is the diaper dirty or just wet?  If it's just wet, then it's really easy.  Simply store the wet diaper in an open air pail with a lined with a washable pail liner or in a hanging diaper pail (called a hanging wet bag).  That's it.  Collect the diapers in your wet bag for 2-3 days and then wash, dry and re-use.  You even throw the wet bag right into the wash along with the diapers.  Super easy.  If you really want to know our personal favorite, we love the hanging wet bag by Funky Fluff.  They're thick, don't leak, are large enough and they've got heavy duty snaps all at a reasonable price.  Find them here.

If that diaper was dirty, there's just one extra step.  Knock any solids into the toilet first and then transfer the diaper to your wet bag.  If baby is breastfed there won't be much to knock off and they can go straight into the wet bag.  Once baby is bigger you may want to consider a diaper sprayer or disposable diaper liners for easier cleanup, but those are optional. Remember you just need to get the majority of the solids off.  The rest is handled by your washing machine.    

*Make sure you have 2 wet bags.  You'll need one for collecting diapers while the other is in the wash.  Grab a couple of the travel size wet bags as well for changing diapers when you're on the go outside the house. 

*Let air circulate! A closed diaper pail or wet bag will concentrate odours making them worse and may cause mould if you let the diapers sit too long between washings.  Keep your diaper pail or wet bag in a cool, well ventilated area like the nursery, or the bathroom out of direct sunlight. An open diaper bag smells less, trust us.  

*You do not need to use a wet pail to soak your diapers in water or any other solution between washings.  This is no longer necessary with the great washing machines we have today and it is a drowning hazard for curious toddlers.  It's also bad for the elastics in your diapers and soaking will shorten the lifespan of your cloth diapers when the elastics get brittle and snap.

*If you have pets or curious kids, opt for a hanging style wet bag and use a wreath hanger to hang it up over top of a door.

*When you're done with diapers, your pail liners or wet bags double as laundry bags, water-resistant storage for camping gear, toy storage or any number of other uses. 

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