Woolies Custom Felted Dryer Ball Sets



4 pack of custom, one of a kind, hand-felted dryer balls. Decrease static, reduce drying time and keep chemical laden dryer sheets out of your laundry.  Great for all laundry including cloth diapers.

Woolies dryer balls are an innovative laundry solution hand made from 100% Canadian wool. They are non toxic and chemical free. They will save you money, energy, and time. 

By using 4 woolies in your dryer, you will cut down your drying time by about 25% on an average sized load.  Using 8 Woolies will cut your drying time by about 45% on a average size load. The wool pulls the moisture out of the clothing and allows it to be evaporated in the dryer. The Woolies circulate, separate, and fluff the clothing. No need for fabric softener or dryer sheets anymore! 

Woolies are felted a minimum of 4 times, the fibers will not come off onto your clothing. They can be reused in every dryer load.  Woolies have a unique design, they are made to last for years, and will not unravel.  

Although in the nice weather it is ideal to line dry clothing, Woolies are the best  alternative for when the weather is bad, or for the winter months when it is too cold for drying outside. 

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