Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cover 2.0

Smart Bottoms

SKU: 810039069042

The Too Smart Cover 2.0 fits most babies 10-35 lbs. This cover features a soft binding around the legs that encases the elastic to provide a snug yet gentle fit. The interior of the cover has a front and back yoke to help hold inserts in place and help prevent leaks. The design and fit of the cover is similar to the Smart Bottoms 3.1 and Dream Diaper, with four rise settings and 10 sets of waist snaps, it is easy to get a perfect fit. Fits perfectly over any absorbent option you choose to pair with it (fitteds, prefolds, flats etc). 

We do recommend purchasing 3 inserts, prefolds, or flats per cover purchased. The cover does not need to be washed after each change, only when soiled or every 24 hours so a ratio of aprox. 3 inserts for every cover is usually a good fit. 

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