Lil Heper Lil Shiiits Disposable Diaper Liners (100 per pack)

Lil Helper

SKU: 300386500713

Cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, chips and dip. There is nothing better than a combination that gives you the best of both worlds. Like Lil Shiits disposable liners and cloth diapers. All the awesomeness of cloth, all the convenience of disposables.

Materials: 100% bamboo

LENGTH: 7 inches
WIDTH: 11 inches

100 pieces per pack.

Diaper sprayer, scrubbing poop, dunking/rinsing not required. With these babies, simply lift out, toss away, and wash your hands of the situation. Seriously. I mean they help with the mess A LOT especially once babies begin solids. These liners fit comfortably into any brand or style of cloth diaper. 

With these handy little liners you can enjoy both the convenience of disposables and the benefits of cloth at the same time. They protect your lovely cloth liners from poop or diaper creams too and can then be tossed away. No muss, no fuss.

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