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Forget paying for disposable menstrual pads every month.  Cloth pads are the way to go and Lil Helper has you covered with 3 sizes of pads to suit your needs: Heavy, Regular and Liners. 

Liners are perfect for everyday wear, as backup for a tampon or menstrual cup or for the tail end of your period for just in case protection. They are also great for teens just starting out on their menstrual cycle.

The top layer is a stay-dry wicking material next to the skin for quick absorption that spreads out moisture evenly and keeps you feeling dry.  It also ensures that your pads will never stick to your sensitive bits (which is especially important postpartum if you have stitches).

The middle layer is two layers of bamboo terry material.

The backing is waterproof PUL fabric AND they also waterproof wings to prevent moisture from going where it shouldn’t and to double the leak-proof protection.

The wings are fitted with small snaps to wrap and secure around your underwear which keeps your pad in place whether you're running errands or running a marathon.

Wash and wear hundreds of times and they won't wear out, plus they are thin, comfortable and breathable so you won't feel overheated even on heavy days.

Regular HyPs menstrual pads are 8 inches long.

Washing is easy:

  1. Rinse off any blood/residue under running cold water.
  2. Place your HyPs in a wetbag, mesh laundry bag or bin until wash day.
  3. Machine wash with a commercially available detergent. Do not use bleach or use fabric softeners. Don't scrub. Ideally wash them in a mesh bag for longevity!
  4. Hang dry, or tumble dry on low heat for a maximum of 20 minutes. Don't worry if there are some stains. The sun can do wonders for giving your HyPs a facelift.


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