Lil Helper Bamboo Stay Dry Boosters (2 pack)

Lil Helper

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Legend has it, some babies don’t pee that much. If you happen to have one of these magical unicorn babies, congratulations you’ve won a lottery — have a good life. If, however, it feels like your baby produces more liquid per minute than Niagara Falls, we suggest you check out Lil Helper's awesome Bamboo Stay-Dry Boosters to help stem the flow.

DARK LAYER: 50% Bamboo 50% Polyester
WHITE LAYER: 80% Bamboo 20% Polyester
INNER LAYERS: 100% Polyester

LENGTH: 5 inches
WIDTH: 12 inches
*Fits into any style or brand of cloth diaper

Absorbent Bamboo Terry (soft and safe for baby’s bum) + 2 Layers of hidden microfiber (to soak & lock ALL the moisture) + wicking bamboo-poly mesh (keeps baby feeling dry and sprays clean sooo easily). I’m not great at math but I’m pretty sure that all adds up to awesome!!!

Not only can these boosters be used for babies of all ages, and diapers of all descriptions, they can also be used for you! Mommas know that babies aren’t the only ones who do some leaking after they arrive. These boosters, therefore, can also be used as a postpartum menstrual pad! Layer them on top of your other cloth pads for an extra boost of protection.  

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