Easy Peasies® Pad - Reusable Menstrual Sanitary Napkin

Easy Peasies


The 9" Easy Pads™ are made with convenience, comfort, and simplicity in mind.  Tested and approved for all flows, from light to moderately heavy, these pads can also be used daily for incontinence protection.

Sleek waterproof PUL backing offers the added reassurance of a leak free period with Easy Peasies Easy Pads.

Trim, yet durable and absorbent, organic hemp/cotton blended fabric is sewn directly into the core of the pad. Hemp offers double the absorbency protection found in microfiber, is not as likely to hold in odors, and is naturally anti-bacterial. Hemp becomes more absorbent the more its washed.

You may prefer to prewash your pads up to 3 times to achieve maximum absorbency prior to using.

Double wing snaps give you a more secure fit and placement, and the PUL sewn onto the wings helps prevent side leakage too.

The unique stay dry mesh top is comfortable, breathable and helps get a more thorough cleaning on wash day. Contoured edge stitching on each end guide, and prevent leaks by locking wetness into the core.

Pads are sold as singles.

Washing Suggestions
- Rinse pad out under warm water and store in wet bag until wash day.  If you are out of the house, try a mini wet bag for convenience.
- Wash pads and wet bags as you would your regular laundry with the amount of detergent recommended on the package for the size of your load.
- Hang wet bags to dry.  Hang dry pads or dry in the dryer.

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