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Nest Baby Diapers - SIZE 2 (11-18lbs)

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Nest offers natural, sustainable, plant-based baby diapers for the Eco-minded generation. Nest Baby Diapers are made with hand-selected sustainable materials that are free of harmful chemicals, lotions, perfumes and known allergens offering a soft, absorbent design that you and your baby will love.

The Nest Diaper line was created to address the need to care for our children while preventing harm to the environment.

These diapers are disposable or biodegradable in a bio active landfill or with commercial composting.  They are not washable or reusable. 

- 30 diapers/pack
- Plant-based materials (wood, cotton and biomass)
- Non-toxic; free of harmful chemicals & known allergens (Oeko-Tex 100 certified)
- Compostable (tested according to ISO 14855-1-2012)
- Hypoallergenic (Certified allergen and skin safe in accordance with US FDA good manufacturing practice regulations and the HRL Standard Protocol )
- Enhanced biodegration with rrenew (an organic additive that enhances the biodegration process in a bio-active landfill).
- Clean and safe materials
- Sustainable materials throughout (wood, cotton, & renewable resources) 

You have a right to know what goes into products you use. That's why Nest takes pride in clearly listing all materials and/or ingredients as follows:

Wood fluff, acrylate polymer produced with 10% renewable resources, polylactic acid, polypropropylene, polyethylene, elastane, polyolefin adhesive (select materials have been treated with RRnew organic technology). 80% biodegradable in a bioactive landfill.

Package Size
30 diapers/package

Nest Baby Diapers is based in Calabasas, California.
Diapers are made in Mexico.

Together we can reduce the long-term impact associated with disposable diapering. Nest is partnered with select diaper compost providers who can properly manage the disposal. You are encouraged to investigate if one of them is right for you. Locally here in Calgary, AB, Soiled Diapers Composting Services is one such company. Together we all can make a difference, no matter how we diapers our babies.

Warning: Do not dispose of Nest Diapers in home compost. They need to be commercially composted to degrade properly.


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