BumGenius Weekender Wet Bag

Cotton Babies


Wet bags just got more awesome thanks to bumGenius! This wet bag is a medium size wet bag that includes the same great features that our customers love on bumGenius Outing wet bag.  Washable, leak-resistant, zipper closure, and a shapeable handle with snap closure for easy accessibility, just in a slightly bigger size.  Perfect for daycare, longer outings, or as a supplemental wet bag in your house when you change diapers in a different room away from your main changing table. 

  • Machine-washable
  • Waterproof material
  • Zipper closure
  • Snap-able handle
  • Holds 6-10 cloth diapers
  • 19" long x 16" wide. 

Ways to use your Weekender wet bag

bumGenius Weekender wet bag

Wet bags aren’t just for your cloth diapers, although they come in very handy to transport cloth diapers while you’re out and about. The Weekender wet bag is handy for many things:

  • wet clothing from the pool
  • stash one in your gym bag for your post-work out clothing,
  • Keep handy while potty training and store change of clothes for your toddler
  • pack a few in your luggage to separate dirty clothing from clean clothes
  • use a bumGenius Weekender wet bag to pack extra shoes in your luggage
  • Keep one in your car to use as a reusable grocery bag

Here’s a a bonus tip if you are cloth diapering. The Weekender wet bag is a great option for cloth diapers at day care. A lot of families like to use a wet/dry bag, however, we’ve noticed sometimes the smell from the dirty diapers transfers to your clean diapers. Just grab two Weekender wet bags- one for your clean stash and one for your dirty diapers.

We are so excited to add this new size to our mix of bumGenius wet bags. We know wet bags are a great item to keep handy for your families changing needs. 

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