Blueberry Organic Cotton Gauze Flat Diapers - White - 6 Pack



This is THE original cloth diaper! One size, adjustable, fits from birth through potty training, and made from 100% organic double weave gauze. Flats are the most versatile cloth diaper style and the easiest to use when traveling because of the fact that they are very trim, easy to wash and super fast to dry.  Very economical.

Practice your origami skills with flats!

The diapers are 27.5” x 27.5” (or 70 cm x 70cm) after washing. Made in Pakistan.

There are several ways to fold your flat diapers.  Here are two methods:

ORIGAMI FOLD - this provides a neat and trim coverage, and allows you to put the bulk of the diaper where you need it most. 

KITE FOLD - this is a simple way to fold the diaper for bigger babies about 6 months or older.

Measures about 27.5" x 27.5" after washing.

Before using the diapers need to be pre-washed on hot at least once before use. The diapers will shrink and get thicker with the first few washes. 

Fasten your flat diapers safely with a Snappi and pair them with a waterproof cover

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