Thirsties Mini Diaper Pail Liner



Mini Dirty Diaper Storage at home!

Have a smaller container that you use for dirty diapers that needs a liner too?  

Thirsties Mini Pail Liner is designed to fit most 4-gallon wastebaskets. Available in Aqua, Fin and Midnight Blue, the Mini Pail Liner, with its fully-taped, waterproof seams to prevent leaking and wicking, looks and functions exactly like its larger counterpart—it’s just mini!

To clean your pail liner, simply toss it in the wash with your soiled diapers. Use the attached closure strap to hold in odors while carrying your liner to the wash.  We recommend purchasing at least two liners to keep in rotation.

Great for multilevel homes where you need smaller diaper pails (one upstairs, one downstairs) and a great size for collecting trash in the car or at the office too.  Replace all those plastic bags with the Thirsties Mini Pail.  


    • Elastic opening provides a snug fit on most diaper pails, buckets or receptacles up to 4 gallons
    • Waterproof TPU laminate and fully-taped waterproof seams prevent leaking and wicking and keep moisture out of your diaper pail
    • Sewn-in closure strap keeps odors in when liner is not in a diaper pail
    • 15.5"h x 14.5"w

Proudly manufactured in the USA

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