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Lil Helper Zipper Wet Bag

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Color: 1989

Clothes, bathing suits, the teddy bear your baby decided needed a “bath” in the dogbowl. Wetbags aren’t just for storing dirty diapers (although they do that really well too 💩).

There is a long-standing argument over how much size really matters. The answer usually depends on who you ask. But when it comes to Zippa, the Lil Helper Zipper Wetbag, we guarantee that its performance is not at all affected by its diminutive nature. In fact this pint-sized pretty is perfect for on-the-go messes of all descriptions and will never leave you wanting more. We promise.

No leaks
This wet bag is made of the same resilient, waterproof PUL that is used for Lil Helper PUL cloth diapers. That means it is ready to hold pretty much any damp, dirty, or disgusting items you care to throw at (or in) it.

These wetbags are double stitched- a feature available in no other wetbag on the market. This not only doubles down on the leak-stopping power of the bag but makes sure it will hold up to being used and abused.

These little wonders will hold 3-4 cloth diapers (making them great for outings or daycare) but they don’t stop there. A change of clothes or cloth trainers, cloth menstrual pads or breast pads, storage for loose pieces around the house… the possible uses for these are endless.

LENGTH: 11.5 inches
WIDTH: 10.5 inches

Super functional
A snappable loop makes the Zipper Wet Bag convenient to latch onto the stroller, crib or anywhere else you care to put it. As you might have guessed, the word “snappable” is a very technical term invented by the geniuses working for Lil Helper.  From using the best zippers in the industry (durable and smooth) to making the bottom of the bags one continuous piece of fabric (less leaks), Lil Helper thinks of all the ways a product could go wrong so that it doesn’t. Leaving you with nothing to worry about besides what creative disaster your little one is going to find to put this bag to the test. 


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