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Lil Helper Large Drawstring Wet Bag

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Color: Alphabet Animals

Unfortunate fact of parenting #236: Little kids = big messes. Reason #1598 that Lil Helper is awesome: We make products like our Large Wetbag to contain the mess. Whether it’s cloth diapers, wet towels, or clothing with soiling of an unknown/unfortunate origin, there is room for it all in this catcher of all chaos.

This large wet bag is made of the same resilient, waterproof PUL that is used for Lil Helper cloth diapers. It won't leak if you happen to put in stuff that is "moisture laden". This means that no matter what your diapers or other gear are soaked in, you won’t need to worry about anything spreading.

All Lil Helper wet bags are double stitched to prevent leaks- a feature available in no other wet bag on the market. The bottom of the bag is continuous fabric and the top is a convenient drawstring. This allows for easy access and airflow and makes everything crazy durable.

The bag is big enough to store 15-20 diapers. This means it will contain your stash until wash day but it can also be used for laundry and other items at home, on trips, or on the go.

Double as a beach bag
Ever go swimming or to the beach with the fam and end up with overstuffed bags of wet, sandy clothes? Make life easier by throwing them all in a large wet bag. The PUL will contain the sopping mess till you get home and you can throw the works of it in the washing machine. No muss. No fuss. Bonus! The cute prints are more stylish than those crocs your spouse insists on wearing in public.

Camping necessity
The large wet bags are big enough to fit clothes and blankets for a weekend outdoors too. Instead of the kids’ dirty and wet clothes becoming its own crawling pile in the corner of your tent, everything gets contained in the wet bag. Drag that bad boy home at the end of the weekend and pray the washing machine takes care of the critters that are inevitably crawling in the kids’ pockets. Once you realize just how useful they are you’ll realize you’re going to need to buy s’more!


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