Lil Helper Bamboo Stay Dry Liners (5 Pack)

Lil Helper

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If you live anywhere that has hot or humid weather, or your baby doesn't like feeling wet against the skin, then these are for you. Designed to keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable, the wicking polyester mesh diffuses moisture into the inserts below and wicks wetness away from babe. Plus, unlike fleece liners that add bulk to a diaper, our liners are lightweight and won’t add extra bulk to your little fluff bum. Live somewhere warm or have a babe that easily overheats? These liners won't add any extra layers of warmth either.

Simply lay them on top of the diaper before fastening on baby.  Then wash and re-use them right along with your diapers. 

Usually, cloth diapers mean less rashes. But occasionally you need to bring out the big guns. Everyone knows the cardinal rule of cloth diapering is to not use diaper cream but with Stay Dry liners you can! We suggest rinsing them before adding them to your laundry and away you go!

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