O'Canada Soapworks - Fizzing Bath Seltzers

O'Canada Soapworks


Shapes, colours and scents, oh my! There's a seltzer for everyone. With so many beneficial oils mixed with buttermilk and grapeseed, all you have to choose is what you want your bath to do for you and your skin. Just drop it in and watch it fizz!

Each Canadian province and territory has a ‘bath bomb’ that will leave your skin feeling silky, rejuvenated.

Directions: Run a bath, jump right in and add your favorite seltzer.  Now relax and enjoy!

O'CANADA SOAPWORKS is a handmade, all natural body products shop in downtown Canmore, Alberta. Their priority aim is to provide customers with the highest quality, earth conscious, toxin-free bath and body care products. They continually aim to minimize environmental impact by sourcing whole products from mindful suppliers and ensuring their ingredients are biodegradable and free of sulphates, fixatives, fillers and binders. It's time to relax with O'Canada Soapworks!

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