Easy Peasies® 2 Ply Bamboo Trifold Cloth Diaper Insert

Easy Peasies


The Best™ Bamboo Trifolds Cloth Diaper Inserts

2 Ply - Excellent for young babies. Medium absorption rating

The Easy Peasies plush, thirsty bamboo fleece material is milled in Canada, and these cloth diaper trifold inserts are designed & sewn in Canada as well.

The trifold is the most versatile of all the cloth diaper inserts because it can be folded just the way you need it. Fold in the corners, then fold in half for small babies. Or, fold in half, thirds or quarters for a trimmer fit between the legs depending on your growing baby's needs.

Durable edge stitching makes these inserts great for commercial diaper services or private in home use.

Roughly 13x13.5" before washing, these bamboo diaper trifolds are the perfect cut and fit to pair with the one-size Easy Pocket™ diaper.

  • Fold in quarters or thirds for a custom fit between the legs.
  • Made in Canada with Canadian Milled Bamboo fleece
  • Stitching colour will vary by batch.

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