Blueberry Clutch with Wristlet


$15.99 $32.95

These genius clutches are made with 2 waterproof pockets, measuring 11" wide & 8" tall with a removable wristlet strap. Exterior and interior fabrics are made with a durable laminated polyester canvas. Perfect for diapering, storing clean/dry/wet/dirty clothes or toiletries in, for organizing your purse, or for use as a purse. The removable wristlet strap allows you flexibility on how you want to hang on to your clutch.

Fabric won't absorb messes or stains.  Easily wipe it clean of spills.  Fully washable in your washing machine.  Great for protecting your phone and keys from leaky sippy cups, messy snacks and bottles or it makes a great day clutch for a quick outing with cloth diapers.  Store the dirties in one pocket and clean diapers in the other.  

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