AppleCheeks Swim Diapers & Shirts



By far our favorite swim diaper.  Having a 2 size option rather than one size really gets a better fit on smaller or hard to fit babies.  An excellent choice for the swimming pool and they make fantastic gifts for baby showers, birthdays or the holidays - even for families who don't otherwise cloth diapers. 

Don't be the kid that shuts the pool down from a poo explosion.  Equip yourself with a re-useable cloth swim diaper and enjoy the pool, the lake, the splash park, beach or bathtub in style. 

AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diapers are super soft & stylish, based on the same styling of the Envelope cover that you know and love, to let your little one enjoy the pool or beach while keeping solids contained.

One layer of fine denier knit and one layer of Canadian-milled polyester mesh allows water to comfortably move through the diaper while keeping any solids, should they occur at an inopportune time, out of the pool. The diaper is completely designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - just like the rest of the AppleCheeks line!

The signature sized system with a snap at the waist and separate, adjustable snap at the thigh, means your little one is guaranteed a comfortable, long-lasting fit.

Size 1 fits ~ 7-23 lbs.
Size 2 fits ~ 18-40 lbs.
Size 3 fits ~ 35-60 lbs.

And now you can pair that re-useable swim diaper with a swim shirt rash guard!  AppleCheeks™ Swim Shirts offer a UPF rating of 50+ and provide great protection from harsh sun, and some insulation from cooler temperatures. Quick dry polyester means your baby can transfer from pool to sun effectively without worrying about sunburns or re-applying sunscreen all day long. 

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