AppleCheeks MiniMini Storage Sac


$5.59 $6.99

Half the size of the MiniZip, and without a strap, it is the perfect size for snacks, mama cloth, pacifiers, and so much more! Let your creativity shine with AppleCheeks MiniMini sacs.  PLUS, don't forget they are food safe.

Did you know?? The MiniMini is the PERFECT size for moon cups, mama cloth, pacifiers, credit cards, keys, earphones, change, craft supplies, Shopkins, Lego etc. AND they are FDA-approved food safe, so you can pack them full of snacks for school and work too!

FDA-certified Food Safe MiniMinis are 5.5 x 5.5" and are perfect for baby essentials, pacifiers, art supplies, pencil case, loot bags, kid snacks (think goldfish crackers?), small electronics or portable gaming systems, first aid kits, hiking essentials, camping or beach gear, toiletries, makeup, travel supplies, lego, puzzle pieces, menstrual products, credit cards, pocket change, receipts, jewellery, and so much more!

Shake out crumbs, turn inside out, wash on hot & dry on low

Made in Canada


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