AMP 3 Layer Hemp Inserts (red edge surging)



These are 3ply Organic hemp inserts and are perfect for heavy wetting babies. They can be used against baby’s skin or used in the pocket of a pocket style diaper. They are too big for newborn babies or small pocket diapers, but are great for babies that are starting to soak through regular inserts or for use in One Size pocket diapers. They are very soft and absorbent and suit most babies until potty training. Perfect for heavy and/or nighttime use as they are very stable and absorbent.  If you are looking for a trimmer daytime insert option, consider the 2 layer hemp version found here.  

Made of 55% Hemp 45%Organic Cotton.  Manufactured in Canada.

Each hemp insert measures approximately 15" x 15" (12" x 14" after washing).  

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