Welcome AMP Diapers

Welcome AMP Diapers

We've added AMP diapers to our store!  Please help us give a warm welcome to the newest brand in our selection. Annie Marie Padorie (AMP) diapers is owned and run by Annie - a mom of 7!  

This Canadian company was born when Annie couldn't find cloth diapers that fit her babies correctly and that were comfy and absorbent too...so she started making her own. Friends urged her to make some for them and a company was born. The company grew quickly and Annie realized she had made something wonderful, something better for our planet, better for babies and that saves parents a lot of money.

AMP diapers employs a wonderful team of men and women that work very hard at making the highest quality products possible. Every AMP diaper is made in their own factory in Winnipeg, MB.  All employees make a fair wage and work in comfortable and safe working conditions. 

Here at Cloth Diaper Kids we had lots of requests for the AMP brand in our store, so here you go!  We have a full line (and huge color selection) of AMP Duo One Size Pocket Diapers, natural fiber inserts (hemp and bamboo) as well as diaper sprayers, boosters, liners, wet bags, pail liners and more.  

Click here to see all of the quality products from AMP that we have in stock now.

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