Thirsties 'Road Trip' Is Here

Thirsties 'Road Trip' Is Here
There's a new LIMITED EDITION Thirsties print in town and it just landed here at Cloth
Diaper Kids in Canada.  Welcome 'Road Trip' to the lineup.  #ThirstiesRoadTrip celebrates summer in all the best ways bringing back memories of travelling with your family.  Whether you're heading to Grandmas on the other side of town or across the ocean,  Thirsties has you covered with a cute new print to go with your adventures.  

Road Trip is available in one size natural all in ones, newborn natural all in ones and duo wrap covers. 

Shop Thirsties Road Trip Diapers

And don't forget, Thirsties diapers are proudly made in the USA.

Have you been on a road trip travelling anywhere with your cloth diapers this summer?  Tell us where you went with your kids in cloth in the comments below...
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  • Beverly - August 05, 2017

    We take our cloth everywhere, we’ve even gone camping in them!

  • Lynn - August 05, 2017

    We travelled to Edmonton with our cloth! 5 hour road trip and no leaks! It wasn’t as hard as I thought to travel with our cloth diapers :) :) :) #ClothForTheWin

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