I Hate Laundry. How Much Extra Laundry Will Cloth Diapers Make?

I Hate Laundry. How Much Extra Laundry Will Cloth Diapers Make?

Lots of people get on the Cloth Diapering Wagon because they want to save money, keep diapers out of landfills and keep baby healthy, but when it comes to actually putting words into action the issue of laundry often gives them pause.  When cloth diapers are mentioned it’s not uncommon for me to hear the ‘I hate laundry’ excuse or the ‘Haha, I already do enough laundry’ comment.  But let’s consider how much ‘laundry’ is really involved in cloth diapering shall we?

Generally speaking we advise that you plan to wash your diapers every 2-3 days.  Why?  Because then you don’t need to store too many diapers, odours don't build up and you get less staining.  Prompt washing also keeps the diaper fabrics in better shape over the long-term.

So, that gives you maybe 3 loads of laundry a week.  But you know what?  You’re going to be doing a LOT more laundry with a new baby anyway (trust us) and while clothing needs to be washed, dried, folded and put away, diapers just need to be washed and dried.  You only have to fold your diapers if you want to, it’s not mandatory at all.  In fact, I rarely do it ;)

Plus it’s nowhere near the effort required to haul smelly bags of disposable diapers to the curb, especially in a Canadian winter.  And just the thought of running out of disposable diapers and having to pack up baby and go to the store at an inconvenient time is more than I can handle.  Throw your cloth diapers in the washing machine.  30 seconds.  Done.  You can even do it without changing out of your pyjamas.  You can't go to the store to buy disposables without putting pants on.  Or wait, you can but...

Conclusion?  Yes.  You will have a couple more loads of laundry.  But no.  It’s not a big deal. You’ll probably find you like doing diaper laundry more than any other kind of laundry too.

Still not convinced?  Try cloth diapering part-time.  No one said it was all or nothing. Discover the benefits and figure out first-hand, without a big investment, how little ‘work’ it really is.

Tell us in the comments how you feel about your cloth diaper laundry.  

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  • Beverly - June 13, 2017

    Oh! And my expensive stash.. it’s been used for over 3 yrs now and will continue to be used (baby #4 coming in August) until they literally fall apart. Can you use disposables for 3 yrs and only spend $1000?

  • Beverly - June 13, 2017

    I completely agree with all of this! Diaper laundry isn’t big deal to me because I know I’m saving money, and the environment. And yes, taking the garbage out sucks.. and having to put pants on to run to the store when you run out unexpectly sucks.. but you know what really sucks? When you have 5 days to payday and no cash. None. Maybe the power bill was higher than expected, maybe you went overboard at Christmas, whatever the reason, it is so nice to be like “shoot! I have no diapers!” And then be able to just go wash them instead of trying to figure out which bill gets paid late, or which items to put back at the grocery store because your card got declined but you HAVE to buy diapers AND food. Cloth can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want. My daily diaper stash is probably around $1000. My camping diapers cost me maybe $25. Both do just as good of a job as keep poop contained, the camping ones just aren’t nearly as cute.

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