Can I Use Bleach On My Cloth Diapers?

Yes and no.  You can use bleach on microfiber, PUL or TPU, athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) and fleece.  These fabrics will not be affected by the occasional, minimal use of chlorine bleach, however, we discourage using bleach if it can at all be avoided. It can weaken fibers and isn't great for the environment.

If you run into a smelly diaper problem that doesn’t seem to be helped by stripping, you can try sunning them, using oxygenated bleach or as a last resort, chlorine bleach.

To use chlorine bleach, add 1/4 cup to the rinse cycle and then continue rinsing until the diapers no longer smell like a swimming pool.

*Please consult the diaper manufacturer's directions for the use of bleach on your diapers and whether it will void your warranty before you use it. 

**Bleach cannot be used on natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo or hemp and will compromise the integrity of the waterproof laminate in pocket diaper shells and covers if used repeatedly or in strong concentrations.

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