BumGenius Mid-Century In Stock In Canada

BumGenius Mid-Century In Stock In Canada

Redecorate your cloth diaper collection!

Great ideas are often built by groups of people who work together to advance an entire field of study. This print design, featured in bumGenius and Flip lines, recognizes the many contributors to the “Mid-Century” modern design period.

Mid-Century is a bold, geometric design featuring simple lines and graphic elements. From the 1930s to the mid 1960s, Mid-Century artists from all over the world affected everything from advertising, architecture and urban design, to furniture and product design. Mid-Century design thoughtfully emphasizes a balance of form and function to best meet the needs of its users. Block out a spot in your cloth diaper set with Mid-Century now.

Mid-Century is now available at Cloth Diaper Kids in Canada in the following product lines: Elementals, Freetimes, 5.0 Pocket Diapers, Flip One Size Covers, Weekender and Outing Wet Bags.

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  • nicky - November 26, 2017

    Very fun patters – love the bold and bright.

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