Arctic and Petal from GroVia Are Here

Arctic and Petal from GroVia Are Here
The two newest solid colors to hit the GroVia cloth diaper scene are Petal and Arctic. These cool colors are joining the regular GroVia Lineup so they will stick around for a good while.  But, do they look familiar to you?  Then it's for a good reason. The Petal color was featured in the popular seasonal print Fable, while Arctic plays a major role in the whimsical Polar Pool Party print. The perfect dusky pink and deep navy blue are ready for new adventures with you and your family.

Available to order now in:
Hybrid Shells
One Size All in Ones
Newborn All-In-One Diapers
Zippered Wet bags
And as a surprise, we also have GroVia Tote Bags!  These lightweight nylon bags are the same size as a standard plastic grocery bag and they fold up into themselves into a snap pouch attached to the side for easy storage in your purse or handbag.  Never pay for a plastic grocery bag again with these handy re-useable totes.  


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